Vivid was founded by two friends who shared a love of art and wanted to combine their skills to create a better gallery experience.


With Cynthia Burr as owner and Martha Ruschman as curator, Vivid Art Gallery came together very quickly over a series of very long lunches.  Martha, a highly regarded interior designer, had always made art the centerpiece of her designs and had relationships with a number of artists.  It's a testament to Martha that when she asked them to join the fledgling gallery, most said yes, forming the nucleus of today's expanded group of artists.  While Martha has now retired, both from interior design and from her role as curator, her spirit lives on at the gallery.  And Cynthia has continued to discover and add new artists as well as run the business, with a lot of help from her family.


Cynthia has a BA in Economics from Northwestern University, an MBA from the University of Michigan and finance and marketing experience in major corporations. She ran her own consulting business for a number of years, and was very involved in project management in the non-profit world. But art has always been her passion, whether making it or collecting it. Putting her business experience to work in an art-centric endeavor is a dream come true!