The Winnetka Current

December 6, 2018

Vivid Art Gallery will host an art opening for New Trier High School’s AP Art Students on December 7th at the gallery’s monthly First Friday event.


The opening, which runs from 5-8 PM, is open to all and is free of charge. The students will be present at the opening, and refreshments and live music will round out the evening.  


A call for submission was distributed to all New Trier AP art students, under the direction of teacher Mark Bowers. 


The theme of the exhibit is “Bouquet,” and the students were asked to create artwork that reflects their interpretation of that word. 


“Bouquets often symbolize a variety, a bunch, a compliment, a commendation, a tribute, an accolade; praise or emotions, an artist’s truth, perhaps a collection of dreams or ideas,” Bowers said. “It may define intuitively an intended focal point that carries the viewer more deeply into the artist’s message.”


With that as a background, the young artists were asked to create a piece in the medium of their choosing.


This year’s exhibit will be the second time that Vivid Art Gallery has hosted the work of the New Trier AP Art Students.  Cynthia Burr, owner of the gallery, sees it as a way to support the community and emerging artists in the area.


“We love having a relationship with New Trier and giving the students the opportunity to have the experience of answering a call for submission and having their work shown in a gallery.”  Bowers agrees.  “It’s great for these kids to have a real-world experience like this. For those who will go on in the art world, this is a first taste of what it’s like.”


Both Burr and Bowers hope to see this program continue in the future. 


“It’s exciting for the students and a lot of fun for us,” Burr added.  “And the community loves it.  We had so many people come in last year to see the kids’ work – and it wasn’t just parents and grandparents!”


The exhibit will be up from December 4-21.  All of the students’ work will be available for sale at the price of $100.  Proceeds from the exhibit will be donated to Teen Living Programs, a non-profit organization serving homeless youth in the city of Chicago.   The charity was chosen by the students themselves.  Last year, sales of the students’ work raised $ 1,340 for earthquake victims in Puerto Rico.


In addition to the New Trier AP Art Student Exhibit, the gallery will be hosting a Holiday Artisan Market during the month of December.

Daily North Shore

February 28, 2018

Vivid Art Gallery is excited to announce its newest Featured Artist for the month of March, abstract painter Amie Campbell. The gallery will host a First Friday Art Opening to present her work, which will be held on March 2nd from 5-8 PM. The event is open to all and is free of charge. In addition to art, there will also be refreshments and live jazz.

Campbell will be presenting new work at her exhibit, Imagine. Her abstract paintings are characterized by many layers of color and intricate, lively brushwork. According to Campbell, she uses color in a dialogue with the canvas, with a result that evokes the play of light on plants and objects. Says Campbell, “A lot of times I’ll just start with a bold smear of color and it’s like opening a book. You start something on the canvas and then you figure out what’s next. If you’re into the moment, it really just flows from there. The color tells you something, you tell it something back and then it’s like a conversation.” Her influences include the Post-Impressionist painters Pierre Bonnard and Paul Gauguin, as well as Claude Monet’s water lily paintings.



Vivid Art Gallery will host a new exhibit, Stitched by Hand, with work by internationally acclaimed art quilter Marianne Burr in February. Burr, whose work has never before been exhibited in the Chicago area, will have eleven of her award-winning quilts on display for the entire month. The Opening Reception will be on Friday, February 2, from 5-8 pm and will include live music and refreshments.


Burr’s quilts are nothing like traditional patchwork quilts. Instead, they are composed of extensively hand-embroidered, hand-painted silk backed by wool felt, sewn to a cotton backing. It’s the layers that put her pieces into the “quilt” category of art. Each quilt takes about a month to complete, working 5 full days each week, and some larger pieces require as long as four months to complete. It’s a labor of love. Says Burr, “My work is a joyful enterprise. I’ll never tire of trying ways to paint lustrous china silk with new color combinations. On the silk, they seem to glow from within. With the hand stitching that adds texture to my designs, I’ve chosen a labor intensive way to work that provides the pleasure of constant challenge.”



Daily North Shore

January 31, 2018


WINNETKA – Vivid Art Gallery welcomes back Indiana artist Dorothy Alig as its Featured Artist in November. Alig will be on hand to meet with visitors at the gallery’s First Friday Art Opening on November 3rd. Refreshments and live music by jazz duo Roy McGrath and Sam Peters will round out the event, which runs from 5-8pm.


Alig, who was the gallery’s very first Featured Artist last year, has also been one of the gallery’s most popular. She will be presenting nine new pieces at her exhibit, Lost Terrain. This new work explores the concept of entropy, the law of nature that can be defined as the increasing lack of order or predictability. Says Alig, “I consider it relevant in these days of political, economic, and social uncertainty, speeded up by technology.”






Daily North Shore

November 3, 2017

WINNETKA – It was just one year ago that Vivid Art Gallery first opened its doors in Winnetka. Founded by owner Cynthia Burr and her longtime friend Martha Ruschman, the gallery has fulfilled their vision of creating a different kind of art experience on the North Shore. The gallery will celebrate this milestone at its monthly “First Friday” Art Opening on October 6 with live music, sparkling wine and anniversary cupcakes for all.


“It has been a wonderful year,” said Burr. “The community has really embraced the gallery and our First Friday events.”


The monthly First Friday Art Openings, begun last November, draw a sizeable crowd not only from Winnetka but from all over the North Shore. Each month, the gallery presents an exhibit of work from one of its represented artists, as well as that of a local artist.




                                                            Daily North Shore

October 5, 2017 

Chicago Tribune: Evanston Review

March 18, 2017

WINNETKA, IL – It's finally spring, and time for homeowners across the North Shore to welcome the change of seasons in their homes!


Along with putting pansies in the planters and tossing brighter pillows on the couch, Vivid Art Gallery in Winnetka recommends adding a colorful painting to the mix. "Many beautiful North Shore homes have empty walls just begging for a beautiful piece of art," says Cynthia Burr, the owner of the gallery. Vivid features a diverse group of artists whose work is on display at all times, so there is always a large choice of art available to shoppers.



Daily North Shore

February 28, 2017

WINNETKA – Businesses in Hubbard Woods hope North Shore residents will decide to swing by some local stores, socialize and even enjoy a drink or two instead of making a beeline for home on a Friday night.



North Shore Modern Luxury

Winter 2017

In this newly opened gallery, the two-dimensional art rotates frequently and shares the space with pieces by sculptural artists like Greg Chann and ceramicist Kyla Toomey.




Daily North Shore

November 8, 2016

With the belief that the North Shore is hungry for more art experiences, Vivid Art Gallery announced plans to introduce monthly “First Friday” art openings in Winnetka beginning in November. The event will be modeled after similar long-running First Fridays held in Chicago and many other cities, with the idea of presenting art in a fun social setting. Wine and beer, hors d’oeuvres, desserts and live music will add to the enjoyment of the art.



North Shore Modern Luxury

November 2016

A Bright Future. Vivid Art Gallery's Designer Preview Party, Sept. 21, noon. Vivid Art Gallery ( in Winnetka's Hubbard Woods Design District for an intimate sneak peek at the about-to-open gallery's collection. Owned by Cynthia Burr, and curated by Martha Ruschman, Vivid features a wide range of artists and styles, from kaleidoscopic digital art prints to elegant cityscapes, as well as diverse mediums including jewelry, lighting and ceramics. -- KC



Daily North Shore


WINNETKA – Vibrant artwork set against crisp white walls creates a welcoming atmosphere at Vivid Art Gallery, the latest addition to the Hubbard Wood’s design district.

The new gallery, owned by Glencoe resident Cynthia Burr and curated by Martha Ruschman of Evanston, will be open to the public on Saturday, Oct. 1.

The warm welcome was by design, a deliberate effort to encourage people to visit the gallery and create more art resources on the North Shore. While many people feel intimidated by art and shy away from galleries, Vivid Art Gallery is delightfully appealing.



Chicago Tribune


The walls of the new art gallery at the corner of Green Bay and Tower Roads in the Hubbard Woods area of Winnetka, are linen white, but the space draws its name from the art displayed within.

Vivid Art Gallery, 895 N. Green Bay Road, will have an opening night party Sept. 30. Its roster of a dozen hand-selected artists includes Dorothy Alig, Steve Amos, Barbara Boz, Greg Chann, Debra Delbecq, Peter Hoffer, Tom James, Joseph Kraft, Darren Oberto; Karl Pilato, Matthew Joseph Schaefer and Kyla Toomey.