Art in Commercial Spaces

The interior design of work spaces influences employees, customers and visitors. The right art helps designers achieve their overall design objectives by adding color, texture, tone and personality. We play a key role in finding that art. Using a collaborative approach, we quickly align with our commercial design partners to ensure a process of procuring art that is professional, painless, and, ultimately, rewarding.

Selection: Vivid represents over 20 artists, and has relationships with several more. We maintain a curated collection on the gallery walls, but we are able to present much more work beyond that for consideration. Our artists produce a range of work from abstract to traditional, from neutral palettes to colorful. When designers share their vision and requirements, we can hone in on the most aesthetically and functionally appropriate options.  If designers and their clients wish to view pieces of interest in the project space we can arrange an on-site showing.

“We’re here to seamlessly implement art into your designs.”

Framing: We are as interested in every detail as designers are, and a frame can transform the artwork it holds. If new framing is needed to better suit the design aesthetic, we will gladly explore options that meet requirements, handle the coordination and provide delivery to your project site.

Installation: From start to finish we pride ourselves on our follow-through, which includes installation when needed. We deliver and install purchased artworks to the designer’s specifications. We will always help address issues related to placement and lighting so the art is fully optimized.

For more information or to start us working on your latest project, contact us at 224.505.5961.

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